Dr. Anthony Folino – Clinic Lead and Founder of PMHC

Dr. Folino obtained his doctorate in School and Child Clinical Psychology from OISE/University of Toronto. Dr. Folino has worked and trained in a number of diverse settings including children's mental health facilities, schools, hospitals, and residential treatment facilities.

Dr. Folino has experience supporting children and teens with a variety of difficulties including anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive behaviours, body-focused repetitive behaviours (e.g., trichotillomania, skin picking, etc.), self-harm behaviors, anger management difficulties, emotion regulation challenges, severe oppositionality, and social skills deficits. In addition, Dr. Folino provides intensive remedial supports to children and teens with learning disabilities and executive functioning challenges. Working in conjunction with medical practitioners, Dr. Folino supports children and their families with the management of elimination disorders (encopresis and enuresis) as well as youth experiencing psychosocial difficulties related to underlying medical challenges.

Dr. Folino uses a number of clinical techniques and modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, behavior modification, solution-focused approaches, acceptance and commitment therapy, habit reversal training, and structured play therapy. Dr. Folino has conducted research examining the use of physical exercise as a means of reducing children's disruptive behaviours in the classroom. When warranted, Dr. Folino incorporates the use of physical exercise as a means to enhance mental wellness among youth. Dr. Folino enjoys giving back to the community by coaching youth sports as he recognizes the important role that sports and physical exercise plays in healthy development. In addition, Dr. Folino volunteers some of his time with Virtus (a global organization that governs, advocates, organizes, and promotes elite sport for athletes with an intellectual impairment.